Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to apply password to a folder

Dear friends, I was looking that is there any option in windows xp which can be used to protect files in specific folder. After googling over here, I got one. Yeah.. without any third party software it is possible in windows xp. Here are the steps for illustration purpose:


1. Create a folder , and keep all the documents,files in it which you want to protect.
    (In this example "Jitendra's Docs" folder is taken, where inside three files already available)

2. Right click on folder, Select sendTo and click on  Compressed (zipped) folder.

3. Another folder in Compressed format folder with same name will be created. (see figure below)

 4. Open that compressed format folder and go to file menu, Click on "Add a password"
     a dialogue box asking for password will appear on screen. Just enter the desired password thats it !.


5. At Last, try to open the file which inside that folder. It will not open, it will ask password. thats it.

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  1. wow.. I didn't know it. Thanks.. you are genius.