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Jitendra Indave is a young Entrepreneur running a number of sites from his living room. He is a certified programmer, Computer Instructor and  an addicted Web Developer.


Enigmazone Icon"Enigmazone.net” is a technology blog where computer tips, tricks, troubleshooting steps, how to, gadget news and other related information is shared. It is owned by Jitendra Indave who is IT instructor and freelance web designer from Surat (Gujarat-India). He is tech enthusiast person, who always wants to explore and share interesting tips, tricks, blogger hacks, BlogSpot, SEO, webmaster guides, mobile device and android tech information.

Starting of BlogStarting of Blogging Journey:
He has started journey of blogging in October 2009 just for fun and to learn something new. Up to 2011, He was not much involved and dedicated to blogging platform. But now, since Jan 2012, He have been exploring and learning this field with great joy and passion. Since last few months he has been learning SEO using Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and some other tools.

Why he has selected blog name as "Enigmazone”?
He says in his own words:
Enigmazone TechWorld“Actually when I decided to buy new domain for my blog, I wanted computer technology related name for it. After long thinking I got this, because all other tech related domains were already registered and I found suitable for my blog. The word “Enigma” is related to cipher text which was used for the encryption and decryption of secret messages during World War. It is computer tech related word.” 

My Hobbies

What other things he like to do except blogging?

He  like to read technology related magazines like, Digit, Computer Sanchar Suchna, Byte, PCQuest etc. In spare time he tries to refresh his knowledge all about programming. 

Few Words From Jitendra Indave:
Few Words From MeWhat I have learned so far from this internet world and the technology knowledge which is inside me the same I want to share with my readers here. And also want to help to solve their queries related to technology. I want to provide some knowledge to the newbie in internet field. Every post here is posted with the hope that it will be helpful to newbie.You can send email me: jitendra.indave@enigmazone.net 

Jitendra Indave

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