Sunday, June 24, 2018

How To Send Message To Unsaved Contact Number Using WhatsApp In Android

By Jitendra Indave On Sunday, June 24, 2018
The Whatsapp is leading one messaging app among the other message app on social networking platforms. Its control on features like pop up notification, status and data and storage usage are remarkable. The same we already discussed in our last post. In spite of such handy features something missing. The user always needs to save contact number before sending the message. No such feature is introduced by WhatsApp so far to send a message to any unsaved number. Sometimes it happens due to one or two reasons you don’t want to save the number of the person but want send WhatsApp message to him. Fortunately, there are few tricks using one can send messages without saving contact number.

Step By Step

Method 1 :

 First of all open web browser in your smartphone whichever is available.
  1. Redirect to your browser to 
  2. In the above link after phone= directly enter the receiver’s mobile number with country code, but do not use + sign at the starting. It would like this 
  3. After taping enter button it will lead to the WhatsApp chat window. Simply type the message and tap “send message” button. That’s all.
Method 2 : 

  1. Open chat window for any user and type in this way
  2. and send button.
  3. This will generate hyperlink. Tap the link. 
  4. Voila, …you gets chat window on the screen. Now you can send messages.
Method 3 :
  1. Install the app named WhatsDirect which is available on play store free of charge.
  2. Accept terms and conditions and proceed further.
  3. Enter the number in the above pattern means without + sign with country code like 9199987110XX
  4. Enter the message and tap “Send Text” number.

Method 4 : 
  1. Open dial pad type the number. 
  2. Tap "Send Message" 
  3. It will ask the app to launch. Select Whatsapp. 
  4. WhatsApp will load on the screen. 
  5. It will take you to the WhatsApp where you can modify your message and send.


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