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Accuracy and Authentic

Each and every post published here are checked twice. They are accurate up to my knowledge. But there may be chances of mistakes. Please read the entire article about a review or tutorial or search on Google all about before applying or buying it. Blogging is my passion. So I’m writing every article with passion and not forsake. You are allowed to ask your questions below every article which matters you. But make sure they cope with our Comments Policy. You can also contact me regarding this, we take accuracy and authentic of our blog’s content into account.

Advertisement Policy

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Damages And Causes

This is a rare thing. I provide some articles regarding ethical hacks, which may feature tutorials like tweaking your computer. Those tutorials are already performed on my computer and I didn’t face any damages. Damages occur only if you are doing the tutorial wrongly. So always try to read the entire article given. Don’t just give it a rapid glance and do the tutorials. The author is not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from his pages – If any damage occurs by the use of information presented there, only the author of the respective pages might be liable, not the one who has linked to these pages. Enigmazone.net does NOT host any illegal content what-so-ever. By clicking on any Links to any websites while surfing on Enigmazone.net you leave Enigmazone.net, Enigmazone.net cannot take the responsibility for any content hosted on other sites.

Content Validity

The tutorials, tips, tricks and other contents are valid at the time of posting. They might not be valid after two weeks or two years from now. The content, sources and links change over time. For example, a tutorial written for Windows.XP may not work for Windows 7 or it may get an entirely different output than expected. Since they are getting upgraded frequently, the tutorials are also changing simultaneously.

Comment Policy

Administrator/Author of the Enigmazone reserves the right to remove your comment if it appears offensive/inappropriate to the readers.

Photographs and Graphic Images

I have spent a lot of time hunting for proper photographic images using Google. Most of the images used in my blog’s content are copyright-free and others are edited by me using Adobe Photoshop. Some are my creative works. I don’t want those images to be misused in any manner. I am not responsible for any images of ours being reproduced in any harmful manner. If you find any images of yours are published in an illegal manner, please contact at contact@enigmazone.net

Copyright Issues

To use and reproduce article you need to take permission from the content author of Enigmazone. The activity of posting contents of Enigmazone without permission in any format will be considered as illegal activity. Activist itself will be responsible for all the charges and penalty.

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