Sunday, September 16, 2018

The new safe and faster Indian web browser :Epic

By Jitendra Indave On Sunday, September 16, 2018
With the most web browser, the user requires to use extra add-ons to avoid being tracked online. There is a special type of web explorer that comes with this kind of functionalities. The “Epic” is the web browser that keeps you secure and private by blocking all trackers, third-party cookies and ads; redirecting your searches through a proxy server so no one can know what kind of websites you are surfing.  This web browser uses an encrypted connection (where possible) when user visit website and also clean history, cookies and all browsing data at the end of each session. The excellent piece of option which I like most is hiding IP address with a single click only. Nobody knows from where your browser coming from.

A quick view on features

Always-On Private Browsing

It is similar to the incognito mode found in other web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or Firefox. You don’t need to switch it manually cause by default it is on. It means always on private browsing.

Trackers & Third-party Cookies Blocked

As per the report of Epic around 80% websites monitors and access all your browsing data. They keep monitoring what websites and what time those are being surfed by you. Later the related company sells data or use it to show you targeted ads. The Epic blocks such trackers or third-party elements those perform such task. I have personally tested, while visiting certain blogs and websites it removed elements like share buttons as it traces user behaviour of surfing. That is a really helpful option to be secure while surfing the websites.

Integrated Video Downloading

A dedicated button with down arrow symbol found in the right top corner, the below close button that can be used to download audio or videos from the websites like  YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Facebook and many others.

Encrypted Data Preference

It always gives first preference to “HTTPS” if it is available. So that data may through the encrypted channel.  All other browsers will not attempt. If the website owner has set redirection to https then that will lead to https connection otherwise unsecured connection is viewed by the users.

One-Click Encrypted Proxy

There is a red button available in the address bar by pressing it will enable epic’s built-in proxy. This hides the user IP address (with a U.S -based IP) and encrypts all the data when the user wants to be very private.

Search Protection

Epic automatically loads search engines via its built-in proxy because search engines track user by it’s  IP address. Generally, search engine traces using the IP address of the user but this will prevent search engine to trace IP address. 

Unified Button

If you are not able to view pages properly due to the restriction of Epic then you can modify those setting manually as per your requirement so that you can view a proper page with content. You just need to press a small “umbrella” symbol a short menu will appear where you can set show/hide plug-in, data, tracker etc.

The only limitation for Epic is that there are only limited numbers of add-ons available. Perhaps its dull design may not attract you but it has powerful functionalities. In term of speed, it is faster compared to other browsers.

In short, I will say that it’s powerful features keep you secure and private from the tracking methods like cookies, IP address, HTML 5 storage, Evercookies, Flash cookies and Fingerprinting. Just install at least once you will feel the different experience.  


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