Sunday, June 24, 2012

How To Get Info On Tab About Unread E-mails in Gmail.

By Jitendra Indave On Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gmail Notification On Tab
While working with so many tabs or applications we just forget about our Gmail. Some time we leave it in open mode. But we can’t get information of emails, those received in real time while working. There is one of the good experimental stuff available in Google Lab. After enabling it user can get info about unread emails on tab. It supports for Google Chrome 6 and above , Firefox 2 and above as well opera.

Step By Step:
  1. Login in your Gmail.
  2. Click on setting which is available to the right top corner side.
  3. Click on Lab
  4. From the list At “Unread Message Icon” select enabled
  5. That’s it.  You can see that your email icon of Gmail on tab has changed. If not then re-login and watch it.
Or follow these images below: (Click on this image to view in large )
Gmail Alert On Tab


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