Sunday, July 15, 2012

Two Alternative Ways to Work with Computer without Keyboard or Mouse

By Jitendra Indave On Sunday, July 15, 2012

You are working and suddenly keyboard or mouse stops to response, how you will carry on your task without it? Actually, in Windows OS there is a facility available as a virtual keyboard and accessibility options. You can use the virtual keyboard (on screen keyboard) as alternate of the keyboard. For mouse you can use the accessibility options as alternative one. To use those alternatives follow these steps given below:

To Get Virtual Keyboard

Step By Step

  1. Go To Start > All Program > Accessories > Accessibility > On-screen Keyboard
  1. Go To Start > Run
  2. Type OSK and press enter

The above process will bring a virtual keyboard on screen. Using it you can type by clicking to related alphabets.

To Set Mouse Cursor Movement on Keyboard

Step By Step

  1. Go To Start > Control Panel
  2. Open Accessibility Options
  3. Go to fourth tab “Mouse”
  4. Check “Use MouseKeys”
  5. Click On Setting. Set pointer speed.
  6. Select Use mouse key when NUM lock is off (this will enable user to use mouse cursor movement and enter the numbers by toggling)
  7. Leave the rest of the options as it is and click on ok
  8. You can see the mouse icon in system tray, near the clock.

When NUM lock is off, MouseKeys will act. You can move the pointer using NUM pad. To enter just press 5 on NUM pad.


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