Thursday, August 02, 2012

Top Five Cloud Storage Servers of the Year 2012

By Jitendra Indave On Thursday, August 02, 2012

How Cloud Storage Works

In today’s rapidly changing digital world, we required to store such place from where we can access data while moving. It becomes a necessity for user to work online. Knowingly and unknowingly user access data from cloud service.
A few months before we discussed some of the online cloud storages which provides a free service. Here is the detailed list of top 5 cloud storage websites of the year 2012. 


Free Online Cloud Storage SugarSync

SugarSync offers a free 5GB account thereafter the more space you buy, the better the value. Creating an account is quick and easy. After selecting a name and an icon for our primary PC, we were asked to select the folders and subfolders to synchronize. Files and folders not only appear on any device you've synchronized, you can also access them through your web browser.


Free Online Cloud Storage SpiderOak
To free use it offers 2GB Free, user can get up to 10 GB by referring to others SpiderOak focuses on keeping your data safe. It uses 'zero knowledge’ security, which means its staff can't see any folder or file names- all they can see are numbered data blocks. Your password is only stored on your computer, keeping your files completely secure. However, the desktop program's interface is confusing to use. When considering SpiderOak, ask yourself whether you want simplicity or security.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Free Online Cloud Storage Amazon Cloud Drive

The free version of Amazon Cloud Drive comes with a generous 5GB of space, Signing up for the service is incredibly simple because it ties in with your existing Amazon account - all you need to do is log in . You can choose which folder to upload the files to, and additional storage is available for a very reasonable price.


Free Online Cloud Storage Wuala

Provides 2GB free space to free user. The company behind Wuala is well known for its external hard drives, so it's no surprise that Wuala focuses on security One particularly nice feature is that Wuala mounts itself as a network drive. You can drag and drop files and folders into the drive to synchronize them, just as you would a normal hard drive- You can also right-click on any file in Windows and select the 'Send to' option to copy the file directly to Wuala. 


Free Online Cloud Storage Onido

When you create a new Tonido account, you're given a domain name. You can use this to access your PC and all the files on it from any other internet-connected computer using a web browser. Tonido's main selling point is its flexibility. You can customize the software with extra apps. For example, the Jukebox app lets you play music from your remote computer


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