Sunday, September 02, 2012

Tips To Improve Visibility Of Your Website On Search Engines

By Jitendra Indave On Sunday, September 02, 2012
In the last post, we discussed how to get traffic to the website if the search engine does not work for you. Here in this session, we are going to continue the same as well as steps to improve the quality of the website. 
    When the result appears on search engines, most of the user prefers to choose top links on the first page. Normally 70% users pay attention to the top portion of the result generated by the search engine. Here, in search engines, if your links appearing at least in top five then you are lucky enough to get traffic. If not, then it is hard to get targeted audience for your website. Everyone is not lucky to have web links on the first page. Using Google in large numbers of image search is made every day. You can get traffic through images. The condition is that there should be used ALT and Title tag for the images. This will be good practice if you submit an image sitemap to the search engine. Below, you can see how to apply ALT and Title tag for the images. (Click on it to view images at large size and clean)



This will help you to bring visitors to your blog/website. 

    When you prepare contents/posts, use Ginger to improve your English communication and avoid embarrassing mistakes. Ginger Proofreader checks and corrects spelling mistakes, misused words, and corrects grammar mistakes, based on the context of the full sentence. It is available at free of charge. If English is not your first language and typical spelling or grammar mistakes are being made by you, this will help you in that case. It can be integrated with MS-Word, Outlook, Firefox, IE and other web browsers. Or you can use their online proofreading service free of charge. 

    The next important thing is that when you post hyperlink of any other website in your post. Simply, make it nofollow. How to make it nofollow you can see here. By doing this the page rank juice of your website or blog will not be passed to that particular linked website. 


    At last one more important thing I would like to suggest. When you create a new post, link existing (old post) to your current post. But make sure its subject is related to the current post. As a result search engine will index your pages deeply and also chances to jump to that linked page by readers. Along with the new page, old page will get a chance to rank up. You can see the above picture. When I was creating my current post on the very first line as a reference I have linked my old post to the text “how to get traffic to the website”. But here, make sure that you have not selected (check mark) as “Add rel=’nofollow’ attribute”.


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