Monday, September 03, 2012

Ever Password: Free Encrypted Password Manager On Iphone, Ipad, Windows & Mac.

By Jitendra Indave On Monday, September 03, 2012

     The Ever Password provides a secure password management tool for windows desktop or laptop computers anytime. The user can effectively control it. It manages tons of accounts user ID and password information as well other important information in encrypted format. 
     If user dealing with so many user IDs and passwords for various websites. The task of remembering those IDs and password combination becomes hard task. This tool brings an easy solution for it. 

     The Ever Password uses military grade encryption (256 bit) system to manage data. It is tough enough to get unauthorized access for hackers. All the data stored on a centralized server. Here, sync option can be used to retrieve user database from centralize computer. If user wants to use its local computer to store database, user can opt it. In case database lost from local computer, he can get back just by selecting the sync option. The good thing is that it is available at free of charge. 

     Right now this application is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows platform. Soon it will be available for Android based devices. 

    Have a quick look in the video.


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