Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Do Not Track: An Option To Control Privacy

By Jitendra Indave On Tuesday, October 02, 2012
ONLINE TRACKING AND PROTECTION is a most trending topic nowadays. Every computer genius wants to keep safe himself in this internet world. The administrative team of Obama and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) -USA, demanding privacy protection against tracking since last June.  Are they preparing for security against big cyber attack or hacking? Honestly, I don’t know. If it is then are we ready for it? I don’t think we are. I know all we are not IT specialist.
      But at least we can get ready with some basic tools that will really prevent such attack/hacking/tracing. As I have already discussed in my last post “Way To Protect Yourself While Surfing the Net”, now just going to append few more points for basic users. First of let me clear I am not explaining the way that prevents the entire cyber attack. Actually it is big discussion, will discuss some day.
 Recently with every new web browser, “Do Not Track” function has been included. It is most useful. Generally web site uses cookies, bunch of codes, to identify you the next time you return of on the same web site. Some cookies play a crucial part in how the web works. But there are some cookies which follow you while surfing the web. Dubbed Tracking Cookies, they note all your internet browsing habits and activities to assist companies determine appropriate ads. Such collected data may sell by business. These are the few best tools to prevent online tracking.

AVG Do-Not-Track: The most famous free antivirus software AVG now provides Do-Not-Track add-on for all the major web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Fire fox. This add-on blocks various ad networks by default. The only drawback is that it does not certain social and web analytics items. The user required to setup manually by going through setting.

Do-Not-Track-Plus (DNT+): This tool is provided by one of the online privacy company “ABINE”. What AVG can’t detect, the same can be detected by this tool. It’s coding is such powerful, as also blocks Facebook like button and Google+ share button. It is available for both Mac and PC platform and can be integrated with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Personally I recommend this, if you are no more addicted to social networking to use like button

Ghostery: This tool monitors the invisible web –tags, bugs, pixel and beacons. It tracks the trackers and gives information about them to the user. Along with blocking it provides more information about the companies (which tracking your data), their policies and how they describe themselves. Using this tool user can delete local shared object, block images and iframes. In short it gives total control of your privacy. It is available for Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and iOS of mobile device.                        


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