Tuesday, October 01, 2013

How To Setup Expiry Period to the Tweets On Twitter

By Jitendra Indave On Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Many times on twitter, you wish to post time bounded tweets, means after passing a specific period of time those tweets should be deleted automatically. For example a prediction about a match or information shared about a discount coupon. Such type of posts becomes useless after passing a certain period of time. Even we don’t have enough time to remove those tweets.  If such types of tweets are there in large number, our message board appears kind of a dustbin. Don’t you think?  The twitter user can avail this facility by using ‘#’ (hash tag).  It means you can schedule to automatically delete a tweet after certain minute, hour or days. Suppose, you want to delete tweet after 10 minutes since posting, you need to enter “#10m” (without commas) at the end of twit line. Same way for 10 hours – “#10h”, for 10 days – “#10d” can be used.  The # sets expiration period for the tweet.
      If using # seems a messy task to you then there can be used another method. That method means http://twitterspirit.com/.    This site gives that facility where after defining certain parameter to the expiry of the post, tweet is deleted automatically. It is really amazing, useful one. We can keep our twitter message board always clean using this trick. 

By: Jitendra Indave 


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