Monday, October 14, 2013

Six Simple Tips To Keep Secure Smartphone And Tablet From Malware

By Jitendra Indave On Monday, October 14, 2013

Every day thousands of apps are dumped on some of the trusted sources. Sometimes, Android lovers blindly install and uses those apps without knowing that whether those are from a trusted source or not. And that becomes one of the reasons to pay them. Here, Enigmazone going to give some basic security tips to keep secure your smartphone and tablet. Before it, let’s have a quick view on those reasons which lead us to loss.

Android bugs and scams

These rogue apps lock android devices and the only way to unlock them is to get your wallet out. Pop-up dialogue boxes and notification will keep appearing if you do not pay.


Since many people use their Android devices to manage their finances, phishing attempts to try and extract personal details and log-ins to gain access. Sometimes users are tricked into installing malware.

Fake apps

Fake BBM Android apps keep cropping up on Google Play but they are just the tip of the iceberg. Fake Angry Birds and Cut The Rope apps are big examples of it, it used premium rate text messages to defraud customers £27,850.


Install antivirus software. As long as you select an app from Google Play from a company you recognize, you will get peace of mind with a package that scans your device for issues.


Keep updating. If you can push your device to the latest version of Android, then do so. For example, Jelly Bean will alert you if an SMS is being sent to a premium testing service.


How popular is the app? Has it been downloaded thousands of times but with no reviews? Scammers will artificially inflate the number of downloads to get it ranked higher.


Check app reviews. Be sceptical and read reviews. Over-positive reviews should set off alarm bells. Reviews that make mention of viruses are a godsend; avoid these apps like the plague.


Stick to Google Play. Malware developers do target Google Play, but they target third-party marketplaces more. Rogue apps are better spotted and flagged up in Google Play.


Check permissions. What is the app actually looking to do and how far-reaching are the permissions? Question exactly why the app you are downloading may need certain access.


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