Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Five Must Have Government Apps For Indians

By Jitendra Indave On Wednesday, July 15, 2015

In this fast paced era, the one thing which we all struggle at is keeping ourselves abreast of the newest happenings in our nation and depriving ourselves of the latest news and information. Welcome to the world of advanced technology where even the government has stepped in to provide you comfort and a little relief from the common problem to save you a large portion of your time. Besides that, you can skip the long queues for documents settlement process or any other proceedings which can be done in within a few minutes with a few clicks! Here is a list of five apps which you should have in your smartphone if you literally live on news or just to keep yourself updated:

 Narendra Modi

Namo App
One of the most downloaded apps on Android and also amongst the most famous ones, the “Narendra Modi” app will help you have access to the hottest information, instant updates and even let you donate towards some tasks, if you wish to. Narendra Modi gives you a chance to get messages and e-mails directly from the prime minister itself. Isn’t that great? Not just this, it has an array of other features too to help you such as “Mann kibaat” with the PM itself, share ideas with him,give constructive feedback for improvement, read his blog posts, earn badges through contribution in some tasks, get to know about his achievements and accolades and how the country is benefitting and gaining recognition through his efforts.

Employment News in India 

 Employment News App

- In India, Having a government job is considered as the ultimate ticket to live a comfortable life even in the long run. No doubt that people throng a government job. The “Employment News in India” app will provide your information related to various openings in the government sector, the examination pattern, the tentative dates of examinations and most importantly, tell you about the jobs as per your preferences and educational qualifications. Books should be your best friend at this stage. You can buy the relevant books at discounted prices and great deals on classified websites.

Ministry of External Affairs India App
 - The “Ministry of External Affairs India” app will provide you all information related to the Ministry’s citizen centric services and outreach activities.Instead of swiping a plethora of different news channel to get updates in this sector, it is best to install this app in your smartphone and take advantage of its rich source of information as well as save your precious time. Equipped with smart visuals and an easy user interface, you should not experience any kind of hassles while using it. Press releases and tender notifications are also released here.

Incredible India app 
Incredible India app
 - When was the last time you visited a new place? If you can’t even remember, it is time you pack your bags and take a holiday with your friends and family. Incredible India app has been made by the Ministry of Tourism to make your travel choices easy by giving you elaborate details on domestic tour operators, travel agents, classified hotels, tourist guides and beautiful pictures of the places you wish to visit. To cut down your travel journey expenses, ensure that you shop for the essentials at best bargained prices by visiting related website where the offers being given to customers.

RTI India 
 - RTI India appis a super useful app for millions of people whocan place enquiries and get answer to their problems directly via their mobile. You can interact with the RTI activists on the go without having to dedicate a whole lot of time with them. From uploading videos and pictures directly on your phone to sending and receiving personal messages from activists, reading blog posts to commenting on them and viewing RTI activists profiles to personalizing your mobile account anytime; RTI India app offers you a lot to simplify the hurdles in your life.


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