Monday, August 20, 2018

Best Way To Be Completely Anonymous On The Web

By Jitendra Indave On Monday, August 20, 2018

The threat of “Blue Whale” and “WhatsApp MOMO” are some examples through which peoples are got blackmailed, threatened also inspired to commit suicide. Just a few days ago, the news flashed that a teen from Argentina committed suicide. The investigation report said that it happened because that teen was trapped in the trap of MOMO. Not only teen but there few are cases examples when adult also committed to self-murder because of “Blue Whale”. Now, one more same kind of thing is coming out which is called “Kiki Challenge”. In the “Kiki Challenge” the participant has to step out of the running car, show some dance steps while the car is moving and then again jump back into the car, without getting any hurt. Many cases of causalities found across the country who were completing this challenge. 

Now, let's move on the main point that why this kind of foolish thing happening all around us. How can any unknown person threat us and ask us to do anything he likes. It is because; he has some sensitive and confidential information regarding people like us. The less exposure of yours online the more secure you are. Today online surveillance is still a constant threat should not be neglected. Peoples use various tools to minimize their exposure online. Here I am going to discuss few things about to keep safe ourselves online.

Use VPN Service 

It is the simplest and most effective to keep secure your privacy. Choose any reputable VPN service provider preferably one based overseas. This provides you with an encrypted mode to communicate. Your lSP and local authorities can’t trace your activities. For the websites, it becomes harder to identify from where your connection is coming. There are lots of free VPN service providers available. But personally, I will not recommend it. We’ve heard stories of user data being

accidentally leaked, or deliberately sold to fund operations – which undermines the whole point. More ever there are plenty of chances that free VPN service provider can insert their own content into your data traffic which can be in the form of an advertisement. There is another benefit of this service, the sources which are blocked for your country are available for you. Because you can normally route your connection through servers in a variety of different countries.

Use Tor browser

The word “Tor” stands for – “The Onion Router”. The multilayered path through which data passes is secured structure. It routs internet data through multiple servers before reaching to its destination. Tor adds encryption elements, with each node with each node that your data passes through decrypting a little more of the packet, like peeling away another layer of onion skin. When your request reaches its destination, it will have been fully decrypted. If any user wants to intercept the data, he may not succeed because he will not have the complete set of record. So, the Tor browser is safe to use. If you are chrome lover still there is an extension of tor is available in the chrome web store. If you are using the Android platform, I will suggest Orweb Private Web Browser, which routes requests over the Tor network.

Block Fingerprint Technique Extensions 

Even if you’re using a supposedly private browser (incognito mode) that doesn’t store cookies from one session to the next, the website you visited builds your profile of interest and activity. They identify you by recognising what type of device you are using to connect. The profile that includes detail combination of computer hardware and software which is used to reach that particular website reveals our identity. The distinctive configuration of your computer acts as a fingerprint. If you change any single hardware or software to prevent this situation of identifying yourself, it’s likely you’ll still be recognised as the same person. Using VPN you can hide your location but information of your computer configuration forwarded to the visiting website. The Tor provides full security as data passes through the various servers which are located in different countries. The visiting website only notes downs the exit point of the visitor. Therefore, the original computer configuration profile not traced by the website. To reduce the user exposure JavaScript should be disabled. Or User should look for search extension that can block specific fingerprint technique. 

Crunching Cookies 

When we visit a website that contains flash elements, the data packet called a “local shared object” are stored on the user computer. This kind of contents may not be deleted when user clear cookies from the computer because these are managed by Flash host. Those data packet can be used to identify the user. It doesn’t matter if you change web browser. Do this to get rid of it. Make sure “View hidden item ” is ticked, because some of the files will be in the hidden format.

Go to -



C:\Users\[you]\Macromedia\Flash Player\\support\flashplayer\sys\

Delete all located in inside. If you are working with Chrome, also check the following folder.

C:\Users\[you]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects

Be cautious while installing extension or plug-in for your web browser these of browser can easily trace to collect your activities, interest and other information. 

Proxy Servers

There are many free proxy servers available which can be used to hide your original identity. The user can surf the web anonymously. is a good example of it. Most of the web browser provided proxy server extension with the single click it can be activated.

Last and final tips I would like to share instead of Google you can use What result you get in Google the same you will find here. It is best for anonymous search. This website does not store your record of search or share any information about you at all.


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