Sunday, March 29, 2020

Now Google Will Guide You To Wash Hands

By Jitendra Indave On Sunday, March 29, 2020

Washing hands properly is now the only solution to avoid Coronavirus infection. WHO (World Health Organization) has issued guidelines on this that at least 20 seconds hand should be washed using alcohol-based sanitizer or soap. Now the topmost search engine of the world, Google is going to teach us “How To Wash Hand Properly”. The Google assistant will direct the user in this regard. 

The entire world is fighting against COVID-19. There is a serious situation in European countries. Every day around 1000 peoples are dying in Italy. Even India got more than 800 positive cases to date. The lockdown has been declared to break the chain of infection. Today, when I am typing this update conditions are almost out of control in Italy and Newyork (USA). The numbers on the dashboard indicate how the entire country is struggling. 

To provide right and verified information government has launched its Chatbot service. Even WHO has also taken the initiative to bring awareness among the people by providing the right numbers, preventive measures through Whatsapp Chatbot service. Microsoft also giving similar information through interactive COVID-19 map on bing. It shows statistics and information about the spread of the virus in the world. The similar type of initiative taken Google, providing the detail through It gives information on symptoms, prevention, treatment and statistics on COVID-19. 

Now, In Google Assistant the feature has been added that will guide you to wash the hand. To use this feature, open Google Assistant and say “help me wash my hand”. Just after giving this command music will start play for around 20 seconds. It is advised that hands should be washed till the music is on. 


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