Friday, April 17, 2020

Steps To Remain Safe While Using Zoom App

By Jitendra Indave On Friday, April 17, 2020

The whole world is facing the biggest ever pandemic of this century. In most of the countries, their respective government has instructed to work from home. As a result, the app like Zoom as got a massive user base in a couple of months. But now the news is coming out that It is not safe to use the Zoom app. There are certain steps if one can follow, remain safe while using the Zoom app. 

According to a report around 90000 schools have adopted this platform to teach online from all over the world including India. Using the app, cybercriminals are hacking users' personal data. Cybercriminals are posting unwanted comments, disturbing the shared screen by getting unauthorized access to share screen feature. This kind of activity is called “Zoom Bombing”. 

The Zoombombing trollers have invaded unlocked Zoom meetings to share pornography and spew racist slurs. So, the users have started to search for to remain safe while using the Zoom app for a meeting, conference or online training sessions. 

The user ids and passwords of Zoom app users are being sold on the dark web. Around 5.30 lac accounts have been hacked. Even the Zoom officials don’t know how this happening. The education departments of Taiwan, Singapore, and Newyork have banned this app for the educational activity. 

As per the report of “Washington Post” growing concerns about security is leading to drop usage of this app.

Anybody can follow the steps given below to remain safe while using the Zoom app.
  • Reset the routers default user name and password
  • Keep on WPA2 or WPA3 encryption mode
  • Set a strong password. Use uppercase, lowercase, and symbol as well.
  • Keep Video call in encrypted mode
  • Keep off the webcam if not in use by following for Android: Settingsà AppsàCameraàPermission disable
  • If possible use VPN virtual private network. This will encrypt your communication and will hide IP and location as well.
  • Use the Zoom waiting room option.
  • If you are hosting online teaching or high-level meeting, set the lock to it so that after commencing the meeting or teaching nobody can join it.


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