Monday, May 25, 2020

Facebook Soon To Launch "Lock Profile" Option To Secure Profile Data

By Jitendra Indave On Monday, May 25, 2020

The social media giant Facebook is going to introduce the "Lock Profile" option to keep secure profile data. The company stated that the feature is being introduced in keeping the view to a woman especially. Mostly, women in India feel insecure when their profile photo downloaded or shared. After enabling this option only friends from the circle can have access to the user profile. The outside of the friend circle neither download nor share profile data. Even it can't be zoom. This only allowed to friend. Undoubtfully, this feature enhances user profile data security. 

Facebook said this new "Lock Profile" option can be included in the coming days. The company spokesperson R. Irani said that after a successful test this feature is being introduced to the Indian users. Well, but there is another aspect too in terms of security which makes us anxious. That is, what if anybody can take a screenshot of the profile using the PrintScreen button available on the keyboard. Isn't it a security concern? Right now we can't say anything in this regard but it will be an issue. Let's see what limits and advantages are users going to get through this feature for Facebook.

To use it -

  • Click to your Facebook profile
  • Click to three dots next to the user profile, which will open the setting.
  • Click to lock the profile and confirm.


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