Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How To Secure Your Smartphone From Being Hacked

By Jitendra Indave On Tuesday, August 23, 2016
smartphone hacking remedies

     It has become easier than we think to hack gadget. The device is being used for net banking and to share any other sensitive information through a wireless network, also it is not being updated day by day, there are lots of chances to hack this kind of device. If you are among those users than this article is for you. Here, I am going to share information, the way a hacker can use to hack smartphone data. 

MySpy App
Anybody can install this kind of app easily and can track all your activity. This app monitors all incoming and outgoing calls. It also monitors, text, images and emails sent by the user. This app monitors not only all installed programs but also GPS location of your device. 


Never ever pass your smartphone to an unknown person. Lock your smartphone with a strong password. Use upper case, lower case, numbers and special character to make your password strong. The user should update the password week by week or month by month.

Accelerometer Sensor
According to the Georgia Institute of Technology, there is a sophisticated accelerometer sensor in all versions of the handset which were made after iPhone 4. It is a smart kind of sensor. Just through the vibration of the phone, it can identify what is being typed on the keyboard with 80% accuracy. So, there are chances to get a hacked credit card, net banking or email detail while typing.


The user should maintain a distance of minimum 5 inches of the keyboard The less distance you keep, the more accurately it will capture keystroke. 

Free Charging Station (Point)
This is another method of hacking. If you are running out of battery and plug into the charger. Within one minute Trojan malware gets injected it into the phone. Finally, hackers gets command of your phone. 


Never ever use such charging points which are available at the airport, shopping mall or public place. Just carry powerbank with you if you are running out of battery.

Don’t Share Personal Hotspot
It could be a dangerous thing to share wifi or activate hotspot through your phone. Hackers are always in the search of such kind of open network to transfer and distribute illegal material. The cop can reach into your home by tracing the source of the transferred and distributed material. 


Lock your wifi and hotspot with a strong password. Don’t share it until it is necessary.

Flash Light App
Researchers claim that flashlight app monitor and collect data from a smartphone. The app size should not be more than 72kb. Some flashlight app having the size the between 1 MB to 5MB, seems suspicious. The user should read the privacy policy carefully while installing such kind of app into smartphon.


If you have installed this kind of app with a size of more than 72 KB, uninstall it.

Camera Hacking
It is not a hard task to hack the camera for the hackers. Just after clicking the image, Android smartphone shows the preview of the same than store it in memory. Hacker can bypass this and make preview size up to 1 pixel. Later , it can be distributed anywhere in the world. Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence are the victim of such a hack.


Never ever store intimate scene in the smartphone.

The security solution company ESET has declared around 180 apps as dangerous to the smartphone. Those should be uninstalled from a mobile device. Here are the some most downloaded apps. 

(1) RBL Extraa - Increase credit card limit - in 3 step
(2) Icici Bank-Increase Credit Card Limit
(3) HDFC ICCL - Increase credit cars limit (easy 2 step)
(4) Speed Booster - Memory Cleaner & CPU Task Manager
(5) Clean Droid - 1 Tap Clear Cache & Phone Cleaner
(6) Battery Saver - Bataria Energy Saver
(7) AppLock Privacy Protector
(8) Cut Ringtones 2018
(9) Recoder-Call
(10) Qrcode Scanner
(11) QRCodeBar Scanner APK

One more research reveals that using body heat password can be captured. This shows how smart the hackers are nowadays.


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