Saturday, June 16, 2018

Is the security app necessary for Android?

By Jitendra Indave On Saturday, June 16, 2018

     It’s not just on the desktop PC platform which are getting smarter in term of security. When there were limited threats to an operating system like Linux. Developers were not much anxious about malware attack. But now the scenario has been changed. Historically, mobile operating system Android, which is Linux based, has been notoriously appearing soft target to malware, since its open structure allows users to install even untrusted code.
      In response to this, the current version of Android named Oreo, brought a new silent feature called Google Play Protect. This feature continuously scans all your installed apps for vulnerabilities or known malware. Android’s app sandboxing design also keeps each and every app isolated, so that it can only access its own data. If it tries to load any other data like your contacts
when it shouldn’t, or pull in your Instagram feed without your permission, it will be blocked.
There are still benefits of using third-party security apps, however. Avast Mobile Security, Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus and AVG AntiVirus Free for Android – all of which can be downloaded free from Google Play – not only protect you from pop-ups, viruses , trojans, unwanted threats but also gives an “app lock” feature that prevents apps from launching unless a correct PIN is entered. This ensures that a thief can’t access your online banking apps, as well as blocking clever malware from making premium-rate phone calls or send pricey text messages. And things will get even easier later this year with the next version of Android – currently known just as “Android P” will be launched – where the company will provide biometric interface to access each application. That will make more secure with the device. It’s a good habit to have a third party security app on the mobile device. If not available in mobile at that time at least user should not install app from any other source except Google Play.

Don’t share and install - Some users share apps via Blutooth or apps like Xender and then installs in the device, which is not fair way. Better go to Google Play and install it.

Guest Account - If your device is being shared among multiple person than it is a good idea to create guest user account.

Don’t use free Wi-Fi – As it is open network so , it will be an easy task to hack device for the hackers. Because most of the open networks are not encrypted or password protected.

Don’t access suspicious link and attachment – Sending malicious link and attachment is the weapon of cyber criminals to trap inside. Don’t click on such link until it is necessary or scan it before opening.

Pay attention to app permissions – There are apps which collect data like contact, images or trace the location for their research purpose without our consent. So, make sure only specific permissions are given to the apps.

Lock and Password protection – Always pattern lock your bank , finance related information or apply any strong password if possible. If your device has a finger lock facility , use it. It is a strong security layer. If setting password then don’t use common words like date of birth, residence area, beloved one’s name , vehicle number etc instead use both capital and small letter along with a special character that makes password strong. Always keep two locks one for log in device and another for accessing specific app. Most important thing is that you should change your password periodically.

Update software and apps – User should regularly update OS and apps only from official and trusted source like Google Play. To find updates for the apps go to Google Play Store and open My Apps & Games from upper-left corner and then go to Updates. By installing security patches, fixing bugs through updates device becomes more stable, secure and it improves performance.

Finally, I will suggest you to go through security apps. Cause something better than nothing. And it will not harm your device at least.

 By : Jitendra Indave


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