Friday, June 29, 2018

WhatsApp Group Chat Admin Gets More Control using “Send Messages” Permission On Android and iPhone

By Jitendra Indave On Friday, June 29, 2018
 Whatsapp is the messenger app that is building the fastest user base in the world. As per the report of, it is standing on the third position with 1500 million user base across the globe. The company is constantly updating its feature to increase the user base. Recently, it has integrated digital payment mode with WhatsApp in India. Here, in term of digital payment again Whatsapp stands in the third position following payTM 38% share, Bhim 33% share and Whatsapp 29% share of the entire Indian market. The Indian government already inspiring and approaching peoples to go with the digital payment system. Only three players are playing big games for the digital payment service. Few more are there but till now not appearing in the picture. No more tough competition. There are more chances for WhatsApp if it improves its digital payment service in India.

     Almost every week, WhatsApp users are getting updates in their smartphone. In the last month, the user got an update on who can change group icon and description. Now, the new update has been rolled out for the WhatsApp group chat. Means, using the option “Send Messages” admin can set permission to send messages to a specific user. Who will be able to send messages in the group, will be decided by admin only. This type of feature is really helpful for business account holders of WhatsApp. This option is available in the “Group Settings”. Most of the business account holder just wants to promote their business instead of going through members unnecessary discussion. After enabling this function to the specific user, he will not see an input text box to send the message. He only can read the group discussion. This update has been rolled out for the Android version 2.18.201 and iPhone version 2.18.70 only. And WhatsApp for windows? Yes, you have to wait for a while. Till then be in touch to get next updates about WhatsApp here.


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