Sunday, August 05, 2018

Aadhaar Security Issue - Most Trending Topic In The Indian Media Currently

By Jitendra Indave On Sunday, August 05, 2018

It is true that our life has become more accessible due to the Aadhaar card. For many days this discussion has been going through Twitter about how secure the Aadhaar is. There are a lot of people who do not hesitate to share their Aadhaar number to anybody, they do not have any information about the privacy, they think that what kind of measures violates its privacy. Last time a website came in the context of JIO, in which if you put your JIO phone number, then it would show all the information including aadhaar number related to you. When people were questioned about this, the government did not respond even after watching this and later this website was closed. In the past, an ethical hacker from France has conveyed to the Indian Government about the flaws in the Aadhaar app and also told how safe your Aaadhaar data is. And what happened next everyone knows, as written in my last article, how a hacker from France put the personal and public information of the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India) chairman in front of everybody using aadhaar number. After this, there is no information about whether the government solved the issue.

Whatever happened with the TRAI Chairman Sharma, it is known as an Identity theift. If any person stole your personal information through the Internet or through any other means that he knows everything about you then he can do anything by your name. It may be used your name that he took a loan from the bank and you do not even know if he did any other crime in your name and you do not know this, then this is a big issue. By the way, in order to hide the identity of Aadhaar, the government had issued a new security layer called the virtual ID.

Very few people know about virtual ID. And some people will not even know what the virtual id would be like. Due to the lack of information regarding virtual id how people can use it? And I can say with the claim that many of the people who are reading this article also have shared their Aadhar card number or its Xerox copy for any process, but not a virtual ID. A virtual ID is a temporary code of 16 digits, just like the aadhar card. Which you can use for eKYC like aadhar card.

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