Sunday, August 26, 2018

Rakshabandhan Special: The Best Useful Smart Gadgets To Give As Gift

By Jitendra Indave On Sunday, August 26, 2018
The technology has affected our life all the way no field is left. The day starts with technology and ends with the same. So, we cannot neglect it. Today I am bringing a list of some costly and cheap gadgets those you can give as a gift to your dearest sister on this “Rakshabandhan”. Let’s discuss the list. 

Ride On Pro Bike Charger 


The pocket mobile charger is a fast charging device which you can connect to the bike’s battery that can be fit the handle of the bike which converts it into a fast charging device. Which will be able to charge anything like Phone, Tablet, WiFi dongle etc. Sometimes it happens you are about to go outside for some urgent work and at the same time you are running out of battery. You cannot sit and wait to complete charge. Just by connecting this device to your bike you get the fast charger on the go. You can say it is a life saviour gadget. It is completely waterproof, so no more fear of shot circuit. It comes with a complete one year warranty. The user can buy it from Amazon India at price Rs.750.

Hybrid Dual SIM Adaptor


Nowadays, maximum high-end smartphone devices are coming with hybrid SIM slot tray. In such a case, you cannot use two SIM card and a memory card at the same time. You have to compromise with either SIM or memory card. But luckily there is the solution for it. You can run both SIM card and micro sd card at the same time on your phone. It is easy to install. Open up SIM tray and place it on SIM card position rest part of it will stay outside where you can insert the second SIM. It will cost Rs.70 to 100. It can buy it on Flipkart, Amazon,snapdeal.ebay or shopclues. 

Portable Magnetic Light

If you go out camping or you can simply use that as an emergency lamp inside your wardrobe. it attaches using clips which is on the back that you can use to Mount it to several things. Alternatively, it does have magnets in it so you can attach it using the Magnet to any metal surface this can come in really handy and you can also use this as a light inside a wardrobe order cupboard if you don't want to use it outdoors but it is designed to be used in all sorts of scenarios. Its lightweight, It uses three triple A batteries and it has a bright LED light you can also have a dim LED light and you can also have an emergency flashlight to pass the signal in case you lost somewhere. It is available on Amazon India at price Rs.199.

Air Bar



If you have a laptop and you want to make it touch screen then this thing is absolutely for you, every time your normal laptop will completely convert to the touchscreen. Touching sense is fast like a smartphone, for different screen sizes you will find it in a different variant. This is a plug and play device which is easy to install, it is installed on the lower part of the laptop screen and connected to the USB port. Actually, this device throws infrared light on the screen after connecting to the laptop. So that it gives an instant and perfect output by touching your finger on the screen exactly with accuracy. It is available on Amazon at the price Rs.17000 approx.

Pocket Scanner 


Pocket Scanner, which is a small lightweight and compact scanner, can be scanned for more than 1000 document once it is fully charged. It is easy to use, a button is placed on top of it by pressing it the laser light frame can capture the document. With the help of WiFi, you can extract instant prints or start with a file on your computer. Its scan quality is very good. It is easy to care so you can scan more quickly anywhere anytime any document. Available on Amazon global website at price $500 approx.

Smart Projector



If you have been bored by watching movies on your computer in a single place for years, then this smart projector is absolutely for you. Yes Friends, With the help of this small smart projector, you can enjoy high-quality videos anywhere at any of your favourite places. It is Android based projector, in which you also get a screen in front of it, you can enjoy high-quality videos online from YouTube by connecting to WiFi, besides it can also be used for presentation in the office. Its speciality is that you can easily carry it in the pocket. The ZTE brand is available with the price tag of Rs.69000 on Amazon India.


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