Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Most Amazing Websites For Fun And Knowledge On The Internet

By Jitendra Indave On Saturday, August 25, 2018
The internet is far more interesting than you think. The general website of the internet is fun but there are some websites you do not know about. And it's so funny that you would say to yourself that I wish I knew about it already. I am going to tell you about some such websites which are very awesome and those will make your heart happy. I am sure after reading this article; you will definitely say in the end that the internet is a great thing.



Now Black and White Photo can be converted into colour photo within a minute. It is no joke to convert black and white photos to colour photos, and that too, not just for a few minutes, but for a few seconds. The name of the website is Algorithmia. Whether it is a photo of 1940 or 1800, here you can enter the URL of any picture from the net and convert it to colour images. OR you can upload any image from your computer or mobile. Many will say that whats new in it? It can do using software like Adobe Photoshop. Actually, it is for skilled and professional people. Average 5 to 10 minute will engage while converting black and white image to colour image. For this website , no more expertise or experience required. Within minute you can convert black white picture into color picture. Just scan picture, upload on this website and click to “colorize” to complete task.

Kick-Ass To Your Website


It is a website for fun. The user can destroy any website by the funny way. I will recommend using Google Chrome. Just point to your web browser toward Right on the home page in the centre there is a button “launch kick ass” drag and drop it on to the bookmark bar of your browser. Now, go to any website like Google, Facebook. Outlook etc and click on that button of “kick-ass” located on the bookmark bar. A small triangle shaped object will appear. You can move it to any direction using arrow keys. This will fire bullets to ward contents of the webpage, gradually it will destroy the entire home page. It is a really excellent piece of coding by the maker and also an interesting one to visit at least once.

Real-Time Internet Stats:


You can see on this website that what is happening every second on the Internet. It is the special thing about this website that you can see it in a real-time when all have been sleeping. You can find out the total number of searches made on Google, tweets posted on tweeter, shares and likes of Facebook, Instagram post, YouTube video views etc. in one second only. Even this also shows how many systems got hacked today.



This is a complete picture of the Internet. As the name indicates the whole world of websites you can find here. All published websites appear in the dot format. The bigger dot, the higher the popularity. The user can scroll mouse button to zoom-in and zoom-out to watch it closely. After clicking on the specific dot the user will get Alexa ranking detail of that particular website. It is a really amazing experience of surfing websites through internet map.

Track Your Flight


To track Indian railway status there is an official website on irctc portal through can trace the live status of the train. Same way domestic and international flights can be traced along with their details. The website shows a detailed schedule of the flight. Just after opening the website, go to any specific region on that map you will see lots of moving icons of the aeroplane, That icon shows the live status of that flight. Click on any single icon you will get detail in the left column mentioning its arrival and departure schedule. Also shows the flight name and number, distance covered in real time. Within the single click, you can get a detail of its entire route which will be covered or covered so far.


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