Friday, August 24, 2018

Best Gadgets To Buy At The End Of August 2018

By Jitendra Indave On Friday, August 24, 2018
One more month going to end and here is the list of this month that captured the attention of the viewers. Without discussing anything else let’s move on the new gadgets of this month. 

Lenovo 500 Multi-media wireless Mini keyboard

The first product is the Lenovo 500 Multi-media wireless Mini keyboard. You get a full QWERTY keyboard with multimedia functions on the top. The unique about this Mini keyboard as you have a large integrated Touchpad on top of the actual keyboard. Now it supports three finger gestures on Windows it's compact and its powered by two triple-a batteries and a works via USB dongle now if we look at the keys carefully you can see that the individual keys are very nice to that and at the bottom, you have a left Mouse click and a right mouse click. So, all in all, it does feel very nice in the hands. The mouse cursor is very accurate and works very well. So this device is specially designed for Windows and work on most Windows systems. The product is available on the Lenovo official website.

Price: $41.99

T6 Ai Voice Translator 


The T6 Ai Voice Translator is the portable device which can translate 41 different languages as built-in Wi-Fi and you have a SIM card slot inside. Packed with 1150mAh battery this will give you 7 days of standby. You will get full-colour cast screen and can speak up to 41 different languages including Indian. The user can perform touch screen operations as it comes with Android 6.0 OS. This handy, compact and portable device is very useful to those who are travelling to any foreign location but don’t have knowledge of their local language. This will work as the translator, as a mediator to the traveller. You can buy it from Alibaba.

Price: $149

Jooan 720p Wired Home Security Camera


On the back side is given the external Wi-Fi antenna and RJ 45 port for internet connection and also memory card slot. A sticker, to scan, to download drivers for the Smartphone. Using the app user can connect to Smartphone and then you can monitor your home anytime you like. This is especially good for home security and its supports 720p video and infrared night vision. Just by using your Smartphone as the remote you can tilt it to up, down, left and right direction. It is a good option to keep eye on your house while leaving away. To buy redirect your web browser to 

Price: £27.99

IWONTFIT I6 Fitness Tracker


It's a brand new design fitness tracker with a colour screen and the screen quality does look very good now this is any design fitness tracker by I won't fit. It includes all the fitness-related great features like Bluetooth, pedometer, notifications, auto sleep monitoring and monitor caller ID display. After connecting to your smartphone you will be able to see phone calls but you won't be able to take the phone calls. So It just give you a call alert, you can feel the vibration if somebody's making a call there you have the option to attend or not. It can be quite a useful feature you go all day Activity tracker for long battery life gives you 7 days battery life and its ip67 waterproof. This is a very good and accurate fitness tracker.

Price: $22

Ruizu Digital Music Player


Ruizu digital music player is basically a multimedia device with a small screen with the resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. It has 8 GB of internal storage but I can be expanded to 128 GB. Its also has MicroSD card slot. It supports almost all the popular formats including - MP3, WMA, APE, WAV and FLAC. The compact, palm-sized and lightweight device comes with FM radio and voice recorder. The good thing is that battery can stay up to 80 hrs. There only bulk ordered processed on the official website. For a single piece, you may visit to Amazon.

Price: $25

WHIP Wireless Air Mouse Keyboard Remote 


This is a remote control which will give you a mouse and a full QWERTY keyboard. It supports Android TV Box/PC/Smart TV/Projector/HTPC/All-in-one PC/TV. Here, Sony and Samsung can be exceptional cases where this device is not compatible. For motion sensing games it works perfectly. It comes with auto sleep and wakes up mode. If no activity is done within 15 seconds it goes into sleep mode. To bring it into normal working condition any key should be pressed. 

It comes with the USB dongle. Just plug the dongle and it will be in working condition. No more extra setup is required. It doesn’t have a microphone or voice support. But still worth to buy at this low cost. This gadget can be purchased from Amazon along with a lifetime warranty.

Price: $14 

(In India) Less than Rs.1000 


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