Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Tips And Tricks To Play Top Ranking Android Game PUBG

By Jitendra Indave On Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Today I am going to share some tips and tricks regarding the most popular and successful game PUBG. As you know in the competitive mode, the user will not get any hint to play ahead. The task becomes tougher in this mode. To make it easy I will suggest some tips here. Many symbols are removed in this mode. The PUBG supports directional sound system. If anyone going to shoot you from the right side, you will hear from right ear clearly. The same situation is for the left direction too. If enemy going to shoot you exactly from the front direction, the sound will be equivalent for both left and right ear. If someone shoots you from back direction than the sound will be equivalent for your both the ears. If you want to know from which direction is the bullet coming there is a very simple trick to know it. While playing in the classic mode when the bullet is fired by an enemy we look toward minimap and turn into the specific direction to shoot him. This waste minimum two to three seconds and these seconds are enough to get shot by him. So, use better quality headphone to identify your rivals. If you practice through directional sound easily you can play the role like the pro. 

When you are landing from the plane and the parachute is about to open, then you will find an eye button, just use it you can look around, it will be beneficial to see where your enemies are landed and you can change the direction of landing according. 

When you are trapped in the danger zone, the first thing you need to do is to take the double energy drink or you have to take a pen killer if your health is less than 75% then using a bandage or first-aid you can just keep running putting guns on your back. This is the only best act to come out from the danger zone.

If you are driving a car in an attempt to come out. You should change your seating place in the car and take an energy drink or other healing medicine. Usually, the enemy knows where you are seating in the car so can be shot down easily. By changing the seating place you can move the car. 

If you would like to play like a pro, don’t stand or run across the open field. Better to stand where rock, plant or anything to hide you can find.

If you see the target in the building, just remove the shoes and run in that direction. This will not make any noise. The soldiers may not be distracted. Removing shoes will not hurt you by anyway. The shoe doesn’t provide any kind of protection so you can remove it.

As you know buggy slips maximum time when you drive it. Due to this slippery position, it is hard to drive it. So, the best solution is that you should shoot a single front-side tyre. Remember, not to all four but you should puncture single wheel using the bullet. This will solve the problem of slipping. This will not affect speed.

AK 47 is a very powerful gun but it is difficult to handle it many people face this problem in which you are unable to hit the enemy because when you shoot becomes unstable. To use it properly, tap left button to shoot and right empty area to adjust (pull down lightly). 


you must know this that there are different sensitivity options in the game settings this image will explain to you what sensitivity you should keep in order to play very well keep in mind that these control sensitivity or very helpful for big screen users small screen users have to adjust a little more and reduce the percentage I tend to enjoy well I am sure you enjoyed this article of tips and trick for PUBG to play with confidence and passion. 


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