Friday, March 27, 2020

Things To Do On The Internet During The Lockdown

By Jitendra Indave On Friday, March 27, 2020
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
As the whole world is fighting against pandemic COVID-19. More than 190 countries are in a lockdown situation. It is such a kind of condition which nobody had experienced before. Some getting board, some enjoying with family and some still engaged with their job. Just yesterday I received a phone call from my colleagues they just wanted to know how I am passing my time during this lockdown period while at home. I was wondered a bit that people can't find a way to pass the time. So, here I am going to produce a to-do list of 21 activities that can be done during this lockdown period to pass the time. Not only to pass the time but also to get some benefit from it. 

So, let's begin

1. Blogging

Yess !! This one is my favorite. Perhaps many peoples don't know how to compose and publish a blog on the internet but believe me it is as easy as ABC. There are lots of videos available on Youtube. Anybody can get help from there. There are some blogging platforms for the beginner to expert level writers. Like Blogger, Wordpress, Gator, Medium, Wix, Ghost, etc. If you are going to start from scratch I will recommend you "Blogger". The one Gmail Id and couple of steps to open blog and you are done. Basically, there may be questioned in the mind that what actually we do on the blog right? If you have a great piece of knowledge about any topic on education, fashion, technology, web development, economics, marketing, food, design, fitness, lifestyle, law, photography, science, wedding, movie, travel, beauty, real estate, entertainment, sport, etc, you can choose one to write in detail day by day. 


Youtube is one of the best examples of this. Do you remember Justin Beber? A common boy becomes a young celebrity. It's all because of his act of posting videos on Youtube. If there is any extra-talent or knowledge that can be shared through the Youtube channel. Some other popular platforms like Dailymotion, Vimeo, MetaCafe, Break, etc wherein the large number audience is found, should be try. 

3. Freelancing Job

There are some platforms who provides the facility of work from home. The platform like Fiverr,Upwork,, Envato Studio,PeoplePerHour,Toptal,, DesignCrowd, etc is the most famous for this purpose. Even, till the day, I am connected with Upwork. Whenever I found spare time, I do the same in my free time. More than 500 dollars I have earned so far believe me its worth. Almost all the kind of computer, internet-related works are available on it. from data entry to web research and development. 

4. Take Quizzes: Test Yourself

You can check your knowledge level through a quiz on the internet. The websites like a class marker, Sporcle provide free knowledge testing question set. If you want to try your own question set goes for websites like uQuiz, hot potatoes is a good option where using the WYSIWYG editing tool you can post your questions with a timer free of cost. If you are familiar with Google for then go for Flubaroo, where you can review the grade in a separate worksheet. This one is also free. I will recommend my favorite flubaroo. 

5. Go On Virtual Tour

Using Google earth anybody can visit various famous places on the earth. The Google street view is another good option for the same. So many 360-degree videos are found. Just mouse scroll and click will let you roam all around the world. I guarantee you, will not get bored.

6. Search People

In your free time, you can try people's searches. Especially, old friends who are not in touch. Try to explore their location and identity. There are so many people who search for directories like search, yahoo people, indianpeopledirectory,192, zabasearch, etc. 

7. Explore Life Hacks

Have you ever wondered how to remove dent of a car body without any automobile mechanical experience? There's probably hack for it. Just point your web browser to Google and type "life hack".You will get many as a result.

8. Play Online Gaming

Through the mobile app, you can join the online gaming portal. Even small size, arcade or board game may be a good reason to get engaged. Nowadays, PubG, LudoKing, etc are some of the famous ones, where you can invite online peoples to play. Now, this kind of small game is also integrated into the app like Facebook where you can invite your online friends to play. The Bigpoint website is another good source. 

9. Create Gallery

Using Google Photo you can create photo gallery bu uploading all your old new rare photographs. This way backup will be taken. More ever you will be able to share across all social media platforms. Photobucket is one of the best website.

10. Online Teaching

If you are teaching professional then you can earn while teaching online. The tutor, Udemy, Chheg, Tutorhub, Vipkid, and preply are some good resources where you can teach online.

11. Learn Magic Tricks

Every person loves magic. Evans Trick revealed is a good source to learn magic trick related play cards and other objects. You will come to know the secret behind the magic. Even on YouTube, many channels teach us this trick. Learn the secret and amaze the people all around you.


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