Quick View On Samsung Tizen-Powered Z2

samsung tizen z2

At an event today Samsung India finally declared about its new smartphone Samsung Z2. The handset will be sold online portal payTm and also through offline store. The handset will be available in Gold,Black and Wine Red color. There is a double benefit to the buyer of Z2. User will get Reliance JIO’s preview offer along with it , where user can use 4G data,voice and JIO apps for free up to 90 Days. 

How To Secure Your Smartphone From Being Hacked

smartphone hacking remedies

     It has become easier than we think to hack gadget. The device is being used for net banking and to share any other sensitive information through a wireless network, also it is not being updated day by day, there are lots of chances to hack this kind of device. If you are among those users than this article is for you. Here, I am going to share information, the way a hacker can use to hack smartphone data. 

How to Update Aadhar Card Data Like Name, Address, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile Number and Email ID

Update Aadhar Data
Aadhar is one of the biggest project of the central government of India for national identification number. It is unique identity number allotted to each citizen of India, which remains same in each part of the country for that particular person. Aadhar card is going to be a vital document in coming days for all the services related to government. ,Not only for government related services but also it is going to be a strong proof of identity for any kind of service in non-government sector too. The work of Addhar card issue is going on on large a scale by unique identification authority of India. So many agencies are involved in this project. In the last article we discussed how to enrolled for Aadhar card. In this article we are going to discuss what is process to update aadhar card data. Anybody can change the information of the Aadhar card like Name, Address, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile Number and Email ID. 

How to Migrate All Yours Different Email Accounts to Single Gmail Inbox


It is a good idea if all your email ids are integrated to a single email inbox. Many of us are using various email services like Yahoo,Hotmail and other. It is far better to log in to the single inbox instead of going to separately on each e mail portal. Most of the people still spends an extra amount of time to deal with multiple overloaded inboxes. Here, I am going to share information about how you can merge your various legacy inboxes into a single mail box and save time to access it. 

How To Increase Storage Space in Android Smartphone

Runing out of storage in android

If you are an Android user, after a certain period you will be facing problem of free space in your Smartphone. Due to low space, you can’t click images, download videos or listen/watch music/videos. A Specific error message may appear on screen. If one having only inbuilt memory in the phone not expandable than it is a big headache to the user what to delete and what to keep in the phone in order to make smooth operational the phone. Here I am going to share a few tips to get free space in Android smartphone.

How To Recover Deleted Files From Smartphone.


     It is really a big headache if you have not taken a backup of the smartphone data and accidently those gets deleted. Not need worry, there are lots of recovery softwares are available here on the internet, this can help to get back the deleted data on your smartphone.

To do so,

A) First of all switches off the device

B) Remove your removable storage (memory card)

C) Make sure the memory card has not been used anywhere before starting recovery process.

D) Go to official the website of recuva software, that helps to recover deleted data of your device memory card. So, point your browser to piriform[dot]com/recuva/download