Monday, July 16, 2018

Parents Can Access Facebook Data After Death Of Daughter: German Court

By Jitendra Indave
The German Supreme Court declared the verdict in which the user has the right to its Facebook account after the death of the user. The court declared that the rights of operating facebook account of a died person only belongs to his/her family. The court added Heritage rights come first before Data Privacy.

In reality, the matter came to the court after the death of a 15-year-old girl. She died in a train collide with the train in 2012. The parents of the deceased then requested date of Facebook.

The family wanted to know what happened to her daughter's death. Was it murder or suicide?
Without knowing the cause of death, the train driver did not get the compensation. Facebook had refused to give the rights of data and messages in this case. After this, the family went to the lower court in 2015. Where the lower court ruled in favour of the family. The court said that personalized conversation data comes under German heritage law. The court said that in the case of minors, applicants have the right to know their child's communication history. 

Facebook challenged the lower court's verdict in the upper court. Facebook said that the right to privacy of someone's data remains secure from Facebook even after his death. This is the authority given by Germany's constitution. According to American social media company, family members have the right to delete the Facebook page or to completely delete it as a page to pay homage to the Facebook profile but not right to access data. The appeal court has given the decision in favour of Facebook. The case went to the BGH, and her parents have now reportedly taken over the account. 
In July 2018, giving a historic verdict said that Facebook would give data to the family members of the deceased. The BGH said, Data from Facebook is also under heritage laws. Judge Ulrich Hermann said it was common to hand over private diaries and correspondence to legal heirs after death, and there was no reason to treat digital data any differently.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hackers Can Hack the Password Using Your Body Heat.

By Jitendra Indave

Mr Irvin, the researcher from the University of California brings new study research in front of the computer users. He says that by analyzing the heat left on your computer's keyboard, criminals can steal your password, private banking information. According to the new research, the heat wave which is left after pressing the keyboard button for a minute can be captured using the thermal camera. Therefore, researchers believe that hackers can wait up to a minute until the user leaves his position from the keyboard. Then after logging in detail, bank pin or any sensitive information can be hacked by hackers. Thermal sensors are easily available in the market so we can’t deny such attacks. The researchers have given the name to this type of attack is “Thermanator”.

For this type of attack, the hacker must place thermal camera within clear view of the computer keyboard. The footage of the thermal prints can be analysed to capture a password and other entered information.

During the experiment, 31 participants entered their password on four types of keyboard. Eight non-expert persons asked to analyse the footage taken by them using the thermal camera. The thermal camera captures scenes up to 30 seconds from pressing the keys. And what data was collected during the experiment was good enough to decode user password and entered information. 

Below are the mentioned steps those can follow to keep safe information online.

1. Use the process of authentication - Some website asks further more information to the user along with username and password for authentication purpose. The user should use such combination while signing in. It will be hard for hackers to steal your data.

2. Don’t user public wi-fi – That is a good idea not to use public wi-fi. Because every time when you are accessing public wi-fi, there is no guarantee that data passing through the h encrypted channel. So, it’s better to avoid. Keep locked you mobile device. There is no loss of using the antimalware software.

3. Be in touch with financial institutions - When the cards like debit, credit or any other financial related are used at that time, such financial institutes sends the message regarding transactions or alert. We should be in the touch in with them. If using net banking, set limit for the transaction. Or you should use the virtual card.
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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Twitter Started To Scan Contents, Removing Fake Accounts.

By Jitendra Indave

Recently, the incident of mob lynching took place in some part of India. The government came to the conclusion that only the rumour spread through social media was responsible for it. So, the ministry of information technology asked to social media companies, to find out some kind of solution to prevent it. WhatsApp, Facebook is doing the same. The process of scanning content related to rumour and troll already started by Twitter. 

To prevent troll and dirty comments a campaign run to close a fake account in the month of May and June 2018. Twitter has closed seven million fake accounts. Twitter had identified such accounts those were used to spread rumours and troll. Some of the accounts were engaged in the rough twitter post. According to the Chinese news agency Shinhwa, This process has been done by Twitter after political pressure rose. 

American Parliament Congress condemned Twitter because fake accounts being controlled by other countries could not be monitored. Due to unnecessary rumours, the American politics got impacted. According to Twitter sources, more fake accounts were closed in October. 

During the last few months, 10-10 lakh accounts have been closed in one day. The most trolley events in India have been hit. A few days back, Congress leader Priyanka Chaturvedi and her daughter were threatened with a fake Twitter account. 

Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj was also trolled. There are 3.04 crore users in India. By 2019, their number is estimated to reach 3.44 crore. In the last month, Twitter changed their policy to stop posting hate and violence on their Twitter platform. It was announced to use new technology and to increase the number of employees. Vice President of the company Del Harvey said that it is decided that people can get reliable, relevant and high-quality instruction by Twitter. The effect of the Twitter action on the suspicious account can affect the number of users. The April-June quarter-final figures are yet to come, which may reduce the number of users.
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WhatsApp Soon To Bring Spam Message Filter, Especially For Fake Messages And Rumours

By Jitendra Indave

Nowadays mob lynching is the burning issue faced by the Indian government. The international news Washington post also took note of it. The social media platform is being used to lead such incidents. More than a dozen of peoples are killed due to fake viral messages spread through social media like facebook, WhatsApp etc. As per the report of Indian express, when I am posting this the state of Maharashtra and Jharkhand holds the first position in the case of mass lynching with 9 and 7 murders respectively. Recently on July 1st, 2018 five peoples or killed by the mob at Ranipada, district Dhule of Maharashtra state. The rumour that there were roaming child lifters, which was spread through social media platform, was only responsible to happen this kind of incident. Where all 27 killing happened, on average - it was just 10 km away from the police station. But the police team could not reach to the crime spot in time. It shows the rumour and the mob moves faster than the police.

On last Tuesday, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology asked whats app to find out any solution to stop spreading such fake viral statements through its platform. As result whats app declared award of $50000 if anybody have the solution to fake news propaganda.

As per the information found here on the various portal, it is clear that whats app working on some spam detection tools. The feature is being tested under the beta testing program. It can be found beta version 2.18.206 of Android. The WhatsApp will scan every message with a link or attachment which is shared across the platform. It will check if that link is redirecting to any fake or fishy location. During the scan, if the link is detected as spam message that message will be labelled with red saying “possible suspicious link ”. It is all the WhatsApp trying all their best to stop spreading fake news or rumour.

As being the responsible citizen, we also have some duties to follow. So that, incidents of mob lynching should not take place anytime.

Currently, there is forwarded label appearing if the message is forwarded from any other person. In that case without going through the fact we should not share it blindly. It is the only problem that without investigation that what is true and false, user shares it. That would be a good idea to block unknown senders from whom you are receiving such fake messages. If you are group admin, set control that who can send the message in the group.
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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Light May Introduce Smartphone With 9 Camera Lenses This Year.

By Jitendra Indave

A few days earlier there was a discussion in the smartphone market that soon the dream of multiple displays and foldable model will come true. The companies like Samsung, Motorola and LG working on it. Just recently Samsung registered a patent. In the year 2013, Nokia Lumia 1020 model was launched with the capability of 41 MP camera since that launch the cameras are being updated periodically by smartphone manufacturer. 

Generally, all the smartphones which are being launched nowadays come with the dual camera. That captures an image with more detail. But now the company named “Light” working on to build the smartphone with 9 lenses. Light, the company already grabbed publicity using its 16-lens camera which was capable to capture an image with 52 megapixel offers DSLR-quality images. Its L16 camera also lets you adjust the focal plane and depth of field after the image has been snapped. It was available with a price tag of Rs. 1.34 lac. According to the report of the “Washington Post” the smartphone with the 9-lens camera may be launched during this current year. The company claims that the device will be able to capture 64 MP shots, give high-quality depth effects, and a better low-light performance than any regular smartphone.

Till date, we have the only Huawei P20 Pro smartphone that has triple lenses. In this device the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) sensor is of 40 MP, the monochrome sensor of 20 MP and telephoto of 8 MP.It has a 5X hybrid zoom feature.

Other rumours indicate that the tech giant Apple may launch same kind of triple lens system on its iPhone model in 2019. It is not cleared so far that company itself going to make it or will deal with any other company as a partner in the manufacturing. The smartphones with multiple camera sensors are already gaining success in the market. That shows the huge demand for good quality of the camera in the market.
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Friday, July 6, 2018

Foldable And Multiple Display of Smartphone Are Not Dream Now: Report

By Jitendra Indave

The South Korean Electronics company Samsung working on three display handset. Recently Samsung had applied for the patent of this work. According to the report of “Let’s Go Digital” Samsung has patented four models, among of these one model will have three display. This patent was approved by the World Intellectual Property Organisation on 5th July 2018. This model will have the rear and side screen.

Among these model, three of them come with a thin metal bezel on the sides, housing the antenna and a fourth one has a display that will cover all the sides. It's not been clear yet what is the motto of this display to serve but reports clarify that it will be smaller and flexible with an optically transparent layer and can thus be placed along the side of the mobile.

The front and the rear display will be working at the same time. For e.g., if you are using internet on front screen at the same time you can play the game on the rear screen. The single app can be run on both screens.

Foldable smartphone are not dream now. As per rumour reaching to ears, the Samsung Galaxy X can be the mythical foldable smartphone. As per the statement of Phonearena the screen may change its size 4.5” to 7.3” when unfolded. Even the battery will be flexible. What actual size of it, is not clear yet. Romours says it can be 3,000 mAh to 6,000 mAh. Currently, three companies are working on this kind of tech gadget. These include Samsung, LG, and Motorola. At the end of 2017, LG Electronics already applied for the patent of this kind of feature.

Samsung will begin a pilot production line for the foldable OLED display in South Korea, this summer. After rectifying the issues under the pilot project, the company will start the mass-production of the foldable OLED panels by the end of this year.
Another romour indicates that it can be launched in the at MWC 2019
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