Is 2 Mbps for 1 GB of BSNL enough to survive?

A few days ago, there was official news that soon from 1 Oct 2015 BSNL going to provide minimum 2 Mbps speed to all of its wired broadband subscribers without any cost. Subscribers had welcomed the news with great pleasure. But after getting confirmation that the above speed will be for 1 GB only, afterward it will automatically switch to its default speed (plan specific e.g. 512 kbps). Large customer base is not satisfied with this FUP. Why only for 1 GB? One side government itself tries to bring new forms of digital India and other side, they itself, putting barrier of broadband speed limitation by giving such useless plans to the customers. According to the report In the year 2013-14, the BSNL landline department posted a loss of Rs 14,979 crore. For the year 2014-15 The losses of BSNL stood at Rs. 8,000 crores. They lost almost 1.80 crore wireless and over 25 lakhs landline customers. It can increase in coming days, if such useless offer government going to provide to the customer. 

How To Save Internet Data On Smartphones


Smartphone users have always complained that their data plan runs out before time period. It’s all happen due to wrong setting of data usage in the smartphone. The right setting of the data usage of your phone can save data. Most of the phone uses data plan when device is in standby mode. It should not happen for that you can select “Restrict Background Data” option from the networking setting. It is good practice to select this option in order to save your data consumption. The phone will use internet only when you select data option on or connected to the wifi network. There are some apps which required to keep your phone data connection always on in order to get notifications, apps like watts up , e mail, messenger, chat etc. For that purpose there is an option, keep the data connection on for selected apps can be chosen.

Five Must Have Government Apps For Indians

In this fast paced era, the one thing which we all struggle at is keeping ourselves abreast of the newest happenings in our nation and depriving ourselves of the latest news and information. Welcome to the world of advanced technology where even the government has stepped in to provide you comfort and a little relief from the common problem to save you a large portion of your time. Besides that, you can skip the long queues for documents settlement process or any other proceedings which can be done in within a few minutes with a few clicks! Here is a list of five apps which you should have in your smartphone if you literally live on news or just to keep yourself updated:

 Narendra Modi

Namo App
One of the most downloaded apps on Android and also amongst the most famous ones, the “Narendra Modi” app will help you have access to the hottest information, instant updates and even let you donate towards some tasks, if you wish to. Narendra Modi gives you a chance to get messages and e-mails directly from the prime minister itself. Isn’t that great? Not just this, it has an array of other features too to help you such as “Mann kibaat” with the PM itself, share ideas with him,give constructive feedback for improvement, read his blog posts, earn badges through contribution in some tasks, get to know about his achievements and accolades and how the country is benefitting and gaining recognition through his efforts.

How To Set Up Automatic Back-Up For Android Smartphone And Tablet

Do you regularly backup your android smartphone or tablet? All those short messages, settings, contacts, images, and calls you carry around in your pocket could be easily lost. Avast Mobile Backup lets you save your Android’s data regularly to secure cloud-based server and restore it, to new smartphone or tablet if necessary. Here is the step by step guide given to use ‘Avast Mobile Backup’.

First of all download the app ‘Avast Mobile Backup’. Install it and log in with your email.
A If already have an Avast account id, your email address will appear.
B Tap ‘’Sign In’
Tap ‘Set up Google Driver’ and create or log into your Google account in case you want to back up to Google Drive. Tap Ok. The same can be created later.

Six Simple Tips To Keep Secure Smartphone And Tablet From Malware


Every day thousands of apps are dumped on some of the trusted sources. Sometime, Android lovers, blindly installs and uses those apps without knowing that whether those are from a trusted source or not. And that becomes one of the reason to pay them. Here, Enigmazone going to give some basic security tips to keep secure your smartphone and tablet. Before it, let’s have a quick view on those reasons which lead us to loss.

Xolo Unveils Gaming Powerhouse ‘Xolo Play Tab’ With NVIDIA Tegra 3 Processor

Xolo- Play-Tab-7-India

    The new Xolo Play Tab was just recently launched by smartphones and tablet maker Xolo. It is the second version of successful model Xolo Tab which was launched earlier in July by the company. The Xolo Play Tab launched to little surprise, but promises faster performances and attractive design. The tablet is slightly elongated at bigger 7 inches IPS-LCD (1200x800) display, is powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core 1.2 GHz CPU and runs the latest Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system.