Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How To Set Up Automatic Back-Up For Android Smartphone And Tablet

Do you regularly backup your android smartphone or tablet? All those short messages, settings, contacts, images, and calls you carry around in your pocket could be easily lost. Avast Mobile Backup lets you save your Android’s data regularly to secure cloud-based server and restore it, to new smartphone or tablet if necessary. Here is the step by step guide given to use ‘Avast Mobile Backup’.

First of all download the app ‘Avast Mobile Backup’. Install it and log in with your email.
A If already have an Avast account id, your email address will appear.
B Tap ‘’Sign In’
Tap ‘Set up Google Driver’ and create or log into your Google account in case you want to back up to Google Drive. Tap Ok. The same can be created later.


A     Setting will appear. It will ask you to set the type and size of file to back up
B     Tap Run to backup
C     User can change the schedule of backup, means it can be canceled from ‘Backup status’
D    What files and folders you want to back can be set here.


A   Tap it to include contacts in the backup
B   Tap it to include short messages (SMS) to backup
C   Tap to include all the images or select specific images to back-up
D   These options are available only in the premium version. Using these options you can schedule   backup of apps, videos and audio files.
E     Tap here to go back to the dashboard
F     Tap here to go to setting


A B    Set the days and time to start back up.
C       Reset default will take backup once everyday
D      Tap to return to the setting and the dashboard


A      On the dashboard Tap backup events to choose triggers for backing up , addition to your schedule. Tap any trigger to enable it. For example, to run a call-log back-up whenever you make or receive a call, tap incoming/outgoing calls.

       Tap browse backup to see all your backed-up files and folders.
A     Tap ‘Restore all’ to restore all the backed-up data to your device.
B     Tap to ‘File Type’ to restore user selected (for example image files) to the device.

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