Friday, August 19, 2016

How to Migrate All Yours Different Email Accounts to Single Gmail Inbox

By Jitendra Indave On Friday, August 19, 2016

It is a good idea if all your email ids are integrated to a single email inbox. Many of us are using various email services like Yahoo,Hotmail and other. It is far better to log in to the single inbox instead of going to separately on each e mail portal. Most of the people still spends an extra amount of time to deal with multiple overloaded inboxes. Here, I am going to share information about how you can merge your various legacy inboxes into a single mail box and save time to access it. 

Step By Step
Click on images to see in large.
A) Log in to your Gmail Account 
B) To the right top corner , click on setting (see the screen shot below)

C) Inside setting , the fourth option is "Accounts and Imports" Click on it.

D) Click on "Import mail and contacts"
E) A window will appear that will ask you to enter email id from where you want to import mail and contacts.Enter the email address in it.

F) The process of import is handled by a service called ShuttleCloud which warns that "during import the connection to the service provider may be unencrypted" . Just after you will have to logged in to the your another mail id from where you are importing emails and contacts. Enter the same. You will see following kind of window.

G) Click to "Agree". It will show you STEP 1 singing in window and after completion of authentication the below window.

H) After authentication following type of window will appear that will ask options to import.

I) And finally you will see a window stating that "Your messages are being imported",it may take several hours sometimes couple of days to import messages. 
If everything goes right. you will get all emails of your old email portal to Gmail inbox with labeled as old email id ahead of each message in inbox. So, anybody can be sort out those mail easily. 
By : Jitendra Indave


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