Thursday, August 18, 2016

How To Increase Storage Space in Android Smartphone

By Jitendra Indave On Thursday, August 18, 2016

If you are an Android user, after a certain period you will be facing the problem of free space in your Smartphone. Due to low space, you can’t click images, download videos or listen/watch music/videos. A specific error message may appear on the screen. If one has only inbuilt memory on the phone not expandable than it is a big headache to the user what to delete and what to keep on the phone in order to make smooth operational the phone. Here I am going to share a few tips to get free space in Android smartphone.

A)     The user should control download of WhatsApp contents like audio, video and other document formats. The user should not download all the images or videos which appear in the group or individual user chat box. If you are downloading, just after watching it should be deleted, it will save a lot space. The second thing your application should not be set to auto downloads for the content. The related setting can be changed by going to the appropriate option. 

B) The apps which user generally not using should be deleted, those occupy unnecessary space. It is simple to remove unused apps. Just go to Setting >> Apps >>Select App >> Uninstall. 

C) After surfing websites all the browsing history and cache should be cleared from a web browser. If you do not delete those, it makes your web browser too slow to surf website. 

D) After clicking, photographs or video user should remove it after backing up. Cloud storage is a good option for backing up all your data. 

E) There is a download folder on the internal storage of the Android phone. The user should check it off and on. If any data located inside the download folder, remove those if not necessary in the future. 

F) Clear the cache of App by going through ‘Manage my application’. In some of the phone, the user will find the option in setting.

G) Delete all completed reminders, old notes and text messages. 

H) The final option is the use of the OTG pen drive where you can have a rapid backup of your phone. 

I) The user should provide maximum attention for HD videos and MP3 format of music. The user should run utility software week by week to clean junk files like clear it, share it etc.

J) Make sure all apps related audio and video downloads are not set to auto download the contents. If those are set to auto download than without user acknowledgement content will be downloaded on the phone. And gradually it makes the phone slow.


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