Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The New Feature of Measuring Tool In The Google Earth Improves Its Productivity

By Jitendra Indave On Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The search engine giant Google has already made human life much easier and better in this digital era. It's inventions in this digital age really helpful in the daily life. We can’t ignore its importance in the internet user’s life. Using the measuring tool user can measure the distance between two points on the planet. The new feature can also let users calculate parameter and area between the multiple points. As per Google report the new feature called Measure Tool” was being in demand since long. The Google claims it is “one of the most requested” among the users. For now, this feature is available on Android and Chrome later it will launch for IOS users. The Google earth is very important software in the point of view of teachers, engineers, students, scientist and travellers. Using software user can calculate area and parameter without visiting the actual site. Suppose, you want to calculate the area of the park available in your city. It can be without actually visiting to the place. Isn’t it most helpful feature? Yes. It is. Before this, there was a virtual ruler in the software where the user could measure the distance between two points. But now users can go for more. Means area, width, length etc. The Google product manager Mr Gopal Shah says in the official post "If you're a teacher, use the map to create math problems - and challenge your students to find out which is bigger - Colorado or Utah? (without Googling it!)". Perhaps you will be curious to find what is the area of your house, school or any building near you. Friends, it is really good utility to give a try. For more useful features you can go with Google Earth Pro version Here is the link of Google Earth Online using you can access Google earth in the web browser.How to do it using the app. Please watch the video.


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