Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hackers Can Hack the Password Using Your Body Heat.

By Jitendra Indave On Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mr Irvin, the researcher from the University of California brings new study research in front of the computer users. He says that by analyzing the heat left on your computer's keyboard, criminals can steal your password, private banking information. According to the new research, the heat wave which is left after pressing the keyboard button for a minute can be captured using the thermal camera. Therefore, researchers believe that hackers can wait up to a minute until the user leaves his position from the keyboard. Then after logging in detail, bank pin or any sensitive information can be hacked by hackers. Thermal sensors are easily available in the market so we can’t deny such attacks. The researchers have given the name to this type of attack is “Thermanator”.

For this type of attack, the hacker must place thermal camera within clear view of the computer keyboard. The footage of the thermal prints can be analysed to capture a password and other entered information.

During the experiment, 31 participants entered their password on four types of keyboard. Eight non-expert persons asked to analyse the footage taken by them using the thermal camera. The thermal camera captures scenes up to 30 seconds from pressing the keys. And what data was collected during the experiment was good enough to decode user password and entered information. 

Below are the mentioned steps those can follow to keep safe information online.

1. Use the process of authentication - Some website asks further more information to the user along with username and password for authentication purpose. The user should use such combination while signing in. It will be hard for hackers to steal your data.

2. Don’t user public wi-fi – That is a good idea not to use public wi-fi. Because every time when you are accessing public wi-fi, there is no guarantee that data passing through the h encrypted channel. So, it’s better to avoid. Keep locked you mobile device. There is no loss of using the antimalware software.

3. Be in touch with financial institutions - When the cards like debit, credit or any other financial related are used at that time, such financial institutes sends the message regarding transactions or alert. We should be in the touch in with them. If using net banking, set limit for the transaction. Or you should use the virtual card.


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