Saturday, July 21, 2018

Is It Possible To File An Income Tax Return (ITR) Without PAN Card?

By Jitendra Indave On Saturday, July 21, 2018

PAN card is an essential document to the taxpayer in India. Income Tax Department of India keeps monitoring financial transactions of the taxpayer using PAN card. PAN card is also an important document for the identification in India. It is the combination of 10 Alphanumerical numbers.

If you are the first to pay income tax and you have lost your PAN card then you do not have to take tension in this matter because Income Tax Department provides the facility of the e-pan card. You don’t need to apply for new PAN card. Immediately after applying, you will be provided with a PAN number. To create a pan card you have to follow the steps given below. This time income tax department want that maximum tax payer should pay the tax instead of following formality of having PAN card.

Step By Step

1. First, you have to go to the Income Tax Department's official website.

2. Go to quick links then instant e-pan click on it and follow the directions which are given there.

3. You must have Aadhaar number for e-PAN

4. For applicants, sign the applicant on a white paper and scan it.It should be less than 10 kb in JPG mode.

5. PAN number will be generated immediately after the application is successfully submitted.

6. You can fill in your income tax return through the number of PAN number you have received on your mobile.

7. Within the next 15 to 20 days the PAN card will come on the applicant's address.

This time the central government is going to take a strict action against those taxpayers who are not filing income tax return in time. Delay in filing of TDS statement shall fee entail the late fee of rupees 200 for each day . penalty up to Rupees 100000 is also leviable. CBDT aims to add 1.3 crore new Income Tax filler in this year. Modi goverment has set a rule for late income tax filling. Late fee is rupees 5000 for income more than rupees 500000 per year and rupees 1000 for income not exceeding rupees 500000. The late fee can be avoided if taxpayer file income tax return before 31st July 2018. So be wise avoid the last minute Rush and avoid paying the late fee of rupees 5000.

It is very important to link the PAN card to the Aadhaar card as the government want to bring transparency in all the schemes. Aadhaar - PAN linking is helping the tax payers in easier and quicker ITR filing.


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