Saturday, September 08, 2018

How To Locate And Protect Your Stolen Or Misplaced Apple Device

By Jitendra Indave On Saturday, September 08, 2018

Generally, an Android Smartphone can be traced using the service Android Device Manager or AndroidLost. The only requirement is that phone’s internet should be working on and Google account should not get deleted. Remotely, the user can wipe out data or lock device to prevent misuse of it. The same kind of service is available for the Apple products. In this article, I will discuss some steps to locate and protect misplaced, stolen iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

Log In To


The very first step is to log in on Apple’s iCloud portal using the valid credentials. If two-factor authentication is turned on for your Apple ID and you haven’t registered this browser as trusted, you may have to type in a six-digit code sent to your trusted devices. 

Go To Find My iPhone


In the left top corner, click to “Find My iPhone”. Next, to it, there is the option “All Devices” click the same. All your Apple products which you are using will appear in that list. Select the one which is misplaced or stolen. If the phone is not online there will appear a message “offline” below the phone icon and also x sign next to it.

Erase, Lock Or Play Sound

If it is misplaced at your house or working place simply click on “Play Sound”. This will ring the phone with vibration. That’s enough to bring in to notice that where the phone is. By clicking on “Lost Mode” user send the message on the stolen or misplaced phone. If you are having the important and sensitive piece of information that you don’t want to come into anybody’s hand the option “Erase iPhone”will be helpful. This will erase contents on iPhone remotely. If the phone is in the aeroplane mode or data connection is off than these options will not work. These functions will start work as soon as your iPhone comes online.


The same web-based activity you can perform using an app “Find iPhone”. The location of the device can only be tracked when the location service is enabled through settings. On iOS devices, check it’s turned on in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. 

There is another option for passcode attempt. Go to Settings > [Touch ID/Face ID] & Passcode. Scroll down to Erase Data and turn on this feature. Now, if anyone tries to guess your password, they have 10 attempts before the data on your device is wiped.

After following the steps for locating and protect Apple device, it is recommended to file the police complaint. But you have to be ready along with all documents related to the phone that claims that you are the owner. Rest is the duty of cop to get that device.


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