Monday, September 10, 2018

What Brings New Google Chrome Update 2018

By Jitendra Indave On Monday, September 10, 2018

If I ask you a small question about which browser generally used by you to surf the internet, most of you will replay Google Chrome. No doubt, it is used by maximum numbers of users. A few days ago Google brought changes in the Gmail. And now the biggest update for the browser has been launched. Since the launching of it, means after ten years the company is bringing an update to this web browser. If you have not installed the updated one, just go for it cause there are plenty of useful options given that makes work easy for users. To update click to three dots, just below the x mark (close button), in the right top corner, a menu will appear. From the menu, select help option -- > About Google Chrome. If the browser is not updated it will start an update process. After completing the update click to “Relaunch”. You will face the new latest updated Google Chrome web browser. Now let’s see what is new in this update.

New Design


All the tabs will appear in the rounded shaped corner. Not only tabs but also search text box. All the recently visited website icon will appear in the round shape below the search box. You might have noticed in the bing home page there was an attractive image behind the search text box the same thing Google has implemented. Means, you can set any image from existing set or uploading custom one by going through setting which is given in right bottom corner. More ever user can add a shortcut to any website on the search page.

Instant Search Output In The Address bar


As soon as you complete the search string in the URL, you will get the result in the URL box. See the picture below. I just entered “dr. b r Ambedkar birthday” in the address bar. I was thinking to press the enter button to get search output but before pressing enter button the search output is shown. It shows that this version is faster than the older one in term of search.



In the old version, the user profile was located near the control buttons on the title bar. Now it's been added next to the URL box. If you click on it, you will face three new options. Among the them “password” will store all provided passwords to various website. Directly, you cannot view it. You have to click on “eye” icon, this will ask you windows login id. This is another security layer from the Chrome. Only after providing the right windows password you can see all the saved passwords for various websites.

Payment Method And Addresses


The option “Autofill” and “Payment Methods” play vital roles. For whichever field you enter information, these will be always available when you fill the online form. You don’t need to enter same field information, again and again, those field info will be captured from the detail you fill here. The same thing you can do for payment methods by clicking on “Add”. You need to enter card detail. Next time when comes to payment page this card detail will be available on the screen. This will save your time. If you want to book the ticket on irctc web site then this will be more helpful to you. Filling information in the form is a time-consuming task the will become easy through this option.

The company claims that this updated version of the web browser is faster than the older one. It will consume less battery of your laptop and mobile battery. It will enhance the user experience.


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