Thursday, March 19, 2020

Cervical Spondylosis: Treat Cautiously At The Beginning

By Jitendra Indave On Thursday, March 19, 2020
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Do you spend eight to ten hours a day reading and writing? Is it possible to work long hours in the same position with respect to the waist neck and arm muscles? Do you do nothing in the name of exercise? So you should start taking special care of your neck and waist. Because these symptoms are leading you to cervical spondylosis. Due to ultra-modern features, cervical spondylosis problem is starting to occur in three categories: Young, elder and Senior. Even when the winter season starts, a little negligence will increase neck and waist pain. In fact, we have waist flexibility but due to lack of proper use it can cause stiffness. Due to the tide of information technology, all the work in the offices has started on the computer; Students have to bend their heads in reading, writing, cooking in the standing kitchen or working men and women for hours. This position invites cervical spondylosis. The illness comes from luxuries facilities. Silk sofa Dunlop mattresses and devices like vacuum cleaner have been worn to prevent the entire waist from turning. 

Cervical spondylosis is a disorder that occurs when the beads above the spinal cord connecting the neck and waist. Reading for a long time or doing any single activity is a jerk in the hand. Reading for a long time, reading or doing any single activity is a jerk in the hand. This causes the sensation in the hands and feet to gradually decrease. Spondylosis is a problem in any part of the waist and the increase in stiffness is a sign of vaat dosha imbalance. It is imbalance in ‘Vaat Dosha’. The Vata Dosha contains the properties of the elements ether and air. Vata is responsible for our energy and movement as well as for nerve impulses. Breath, speech, circulation, and digestion are all the manifestation of Vata. 

Dry ginger and castor are two syllables and excellent herbs for balancing the Vaat Dosha. Every night, just drink mixer dry ginger and castor in the warm water. It is best medicine for Vaat Dosha. Dashmool kwath is also helpful here. Cervical wear is advised in modern medicine when there is primary stage pain. This can prevent pressure from a particular nerve. Further care can be prevented if care is taken early. But if there is pressure on the nerve, it can cause a lot of restriction on other body functions and on the moment. In that kind of situation surgery is the only solution. Damage cannot be reversed but further damage can be stopped. Yoga should be done to maintain flexibility in the muscles and joints. We should exercise in backward bending at least 5 to 10 times a day. Do not use excessive pillows and soft pillows.


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