Sunday, July 29, 2018

Best Gadgets To Buy In End Of July 2018

By Jitendra Indave On Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mijia Air Conditioner -


Xiaomi has launched a smart air conditioner named Mijia in China, priced at ¥ 2199. The speciality of the smart air conditioner is that it works as a heater during the winter season. This Smart Air Condition sale is on the official website of Mi and the app has started.

  • The air conditioner can also be controlled by the Mi home smartphone app.
  • You can set temperature, cooling and other setting using the smartphone.
  • This air conditioner has a 1.5 hp DC inverter compressor.
  • There is an antibacterial filter for dust in the AC.
  • It comes with the warranty of 6 years.

Titan Security Key -


The “Titan Security Key” is available in the market with Bluetooth and NFC support. Another variant is available in which USB support is given, is used for computers and laptops. The price of Bluetooth supported is Rs 3400 and USB supported price ranges from Rs 1400 to 1700. In the coming days, it will be sold from the Google Store.

What is a security key?

It works the same way as a two-step verification key works. It looks like a Pen Drive (USB storage). But it is special U2F(Universal Second Factor) security key. The key can be used for that kind of accounts where the option for adding a security key is available. Just recently, Facebook has added security option so this can be used with Facebook. Suppose you are entering an ID and password for Facebook, your security key will also have to connect otherwise no more access to Facebook. If you are not connected security key your account will not be open. If anybody knows user id and password of your account without security key still he will not be able to open your account. 

What is two-step verification?

The two-step verification is an extra security feature. In the case of Gmail, User has to enter a pin code which is received in the mobile device while entering the password to access email service. Because of this feature, anyone who knows your e-mail ID and password will not be able to open your account without that mobile message.

Roomba 671 -


It is a smart vacuum cleaner machine launched by well-known brand IRobot. It automatically cleans the floor of the house. Roomba 671 is the high-performance robotic device. The device can be controlled using smartphone through Wi-Fi. The cost of this device is Rs 37900. But under the launch offer, it can be bought for Rs 29,900.

  • In appearance, it looks like a disc. Its diameter is 34 cm and the height is 9 cm.
  • Weighing 3 kg only.
  • Charging time is two hours and it lasts for up to two hours.
  • This item comes with a self-charging station.
  • If the battery is over or the room has been cleaned, it starts to charge itself at the charging station.

Samsung Gear IconX -


on 26 July, Samsung India has launched its new headset Gear Icon X 2018. It is lightweight in comparison to the previous version Wireless music gear of Samsung. It comes with 4 GB internal storage. The songs can be transferred using USB or wireless mode.

  • It comes with gesture control facility.
  • Using this wireless headset you can receive phone call too.
  • This headset comes voice assistant and supports fast charging facility.
  • The company claims that in single charging up to 5 hours song can listen.
  • It can also record a calorie count and time.
  • This handset can also be connected with the tracking device. There are five types of music presets given in this device like boost, soft, dynamic, clear and trouble boost.
This device cost Rs.13990 and can be purchased online and offline.

Bakeey V75 Kids Smartwatch


This watch works with microSIM card and uses data on that SIM card for most of the functions to work. This watch will give the great safety features for your child. As parents, you can have the instant conversation with your child anytime you like. You can track exact location and find out where your child is with pinpoint accuracy. This watch also has the built-in pedometer you can see how active your child is throughout the week. If you are a parent than should buy it. 


  • 3G,WiFi+GPS,Intercom, SOS
  • Two-way communication, Historical trace, Geo-Fence
  • Pedometer, Remote turn-off
  • 720p 90 degree rotatable camera, Anti-harassment, spam unknown number, 
  • Take-off alarm and many more.
  • It is available on shopping website at price tag the US $59.99 only.

2018 Rii Wireless Mini Keyboard With TouchPad


This has a full QWERTY keyboard and multi-touch touchpad with led backlight and scroll wheel. This touchpad supports multi-finger functions, A single finger click as the left mouse click, two-finger click as the right mouse click, double finger drag as the rolling screen, Single finger functions as sliding pointer. It uses a simple USB dongle to work. It is compatible with more or less any device from Android TV boxes to Windows laptops, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, smart TVs. This will work on any system or any device. Its cost around US $20, available on


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