Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tips To Follow Before Handover Smartphone to The Service Center

By Jitendra Indave On Tuesday, September 11, 2018


It happens many times that today you brought the latest gadget and very next day it stopped to work. In the case of electronic gadget not even a single company gives you guarantee about the full-fledged working condition. Without following any basic troubleshooting steps we reach to the service centre and pays the unnecessarily big amount for the problem raised in your device. It is right that if the device is in warranty or guarantee condition then we should reach to the service centre, but what if there is a minor mistake that you can solve on your own still you proceed to the service centre. The service centre may make you wait for a long. So, here in this article, I am going to share some basic tips to follow before the handover of your smartphone to the service centre.

Phone Running Slow

First of all, check, how much space is free on your phone. There should be at least 25% of free space in internal memory. If not do it. Check out if any resource hungry app is running. Some app like Facebook Messanger, Instagram etc are consumed more resources in the background. This kind of app should be uninstalled. The user should access it through a web browser. The lite version of Facebook can be used.

Some apps run in the background with an update or synching process. Look for such apps. Even Google also run this kind of thing in the background. Go to Setting -- > Account-- > Google and stop the sync process. Later once in a week or month, you can on as per your convenient time to sync data. But is not necessary to run in the background all the time If your mobile having less RAM this may cause to run slow your device.

If the phone has fallen into the water

Don’t switch on. First of all remove battery, SIM module and storage card wipe-out it with the clean cloth and then bury it in the rice for at least a couple of hours. Yes, I am saying rice. The rice wicks away the moisture trapped inside your phone, ensuring that it is completely dry inside and out. Do not use the blower to dry.

Delete unused app.

The user should delete the apps no longer used. The phone is freezing off and on. If suddenly goes into the unresponsive mode you can opt for factory reset erases all device settings, user data, third-party applications, and associated application data from the smartphone. The volume down key/volume up key and Power key together can load the factory reset option. If this combination does not work on your phone then you need to go through the user manual. This will restore your Android phone to the state where it was made out in the factory. If all these above steps don’t solve issues you should visit the service centre. At the time of visiting service centre make sure your device is not rooted and you are having the original invoice along with it. 

Select Authorized Service Center Only

If you are visiting a local service centre instead of an authorized one. There are chances to get replaced original parts of the device. That’s why it is recommended to visit an authorized service centre only.

Ask For Original Invoice

Whatever repairing or maintenance task they perform, ask for the original invoice for the same. You will be sure that the technical person is not charging you more than the decided amount by the company. If no bill received by us, then there are chances the service centre employee may show less in his system and put a certain amount in his pocket. More ever it is the legal right of the customer to have the invoice.

Backup Data

It is most important; you should copy all your phone data on the computer or any other storage device. Don’t give them unlock pattern or passcode until it is necessary for repairing purpose. Suppose, there is crack on display and it should be replaced in this case no password is required.


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